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WHY Rebuild Strength? The Rebuild Strength shake is designed as a high-protein recovery drink with added L-Glutamine and BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), specifically targeted for athletes after intense exercise. Here’s an overview of its key benefits, instructions for use, and details: Key Benefits: High Protein Shake: Formulated to provide a high protein content, delivering 24 […]

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WHY Protein Chips? The Protein Chips offered in sour cream and onion and barbecue flavours provide a tasty and nutritious snacking option while keeping your nutritional goals in check. Here’s a summary of the key benefits, features, and usage: Key Benefits and Features: Low Fat Content: These Protein Chips boast 50% less fat compared to

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WHY Protein Bars? Herbalife Protein Bars are designed to serve as a tasty and convenient high-protein snack, suitable for satisfying a sweet tooth or as a pre or post-exercise treat. Here are the key benefits, details, and usage directions: Key Benefits: Caloric Content: Approximately 583 kJ (around 140 calories) per bar. Protein Content: Contains 10

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WHY Protein Drink Mix? The Protein Drink Mix (PDM) is a versatile and convenient way to increase protein intake while offering a variety of consumption options. Here’s a breakdown of some key benefits and directions for usage: Key Benefits: Protein Content: Provides 14.9 g of protein per serving, which can be beneficial for those aiming

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WHY Night Mode? Night Mode is a night-time drink mix, designed to be consumed before bedtime. Here’s an overview of the product’s features, benefits, and directions for use: Product Overview: Night Mode: A drink mix specifically formulated for night-time consumption. Ingredients: Infused with saffron extract, offering the warm, subtle flavours of chamomile and peach. Purpose:

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WHY MultiFibre? Multifibre product is a convenient and tasty way to increase daily fibre intake. Here are its key benefits and directions for use: Key Benefits: Fibre Content: Provides 5 g of fibre per serving, which can contribute significantly to fulfilling daily fibre requirements for improved digestion and overall health. Multiple Fibre Sources: Contains fibre

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WHY LiftOff Max? The Herbalife24® LiftOff® Max Energy Drink Mix Grapefruit Twist flavoured product is a convenient, sugar-free energy drink mix designed to provide a boost in energy levels and mental performance. Here’s a breakdown of its features: Product Overview: Herbalife24® LiftOff® Max: A sugar-free, artificial colorants and flavourings-free energy drink mix available in a

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WHY LiftOff? Liftoff, is an effervescent energy drink tablet designed to enhance mental performance and boost energy levels. Here’s a breakdown of its features: Product Overview: Liftoff: An effervescent energy drink tablet. Purpose: Formulated with a blend of ingredients such as L-taurine, guarana, caffeine, Panax ginseng, and Ginkgo biloba to improve mental performance and provide

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WHY Herbal Instant Beverage (Herbalife Tea)? The Instant Herbal Beverage with Tea Extracts is a low-kilojoule, refreshing drink infused with extracts from green tea leaf, orange pekoe tea leaf, cardamom seed extract, and hibiscus flower powder. Here are its key benefits, features, directions for use, and cautionary notes: Key Benefits and Features: Low Kilojoules: Contains

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WHY Personalised Protein Powder? Personalized Protein Powder (PPP) can be a convenient way to augment protein intake, to provide a source of high-quality protein from soy and whey. Here’s a concise overview: Product Overview: Formula 3: A protein supplement designed to increase your daily protein intake conveniently. Purpose: Offers an easy and efficient way to

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