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WHY Protein Chips?

The Protein Chips offered in sour cream and onion and barbecue flavours provide a tasty and nutritious snacking option while keeping your nutritional goals in check. Here’s a summary of the key benefits, features, and usage:

Key Benefits and Features:

Low Fat Content: These Protein Chips boast 50% less fat compared to fried potato chips. They are not fried but popped with heat to provide a savoury crunch.

Gluten-Free: Both flavours of Protein Chips are gluten-free, catering to individuals with gluten sensitivities or following a gluten-free diet.

Never Fried, Always Popped: The chips are prepared without frying, maintaining a healthier cooking method by utilizing heat popping.

Sour Cream and Onion Flavoured Protein Chips:

Contains 11.8 g of protein per pack.

Suitable for lacto-vegetarians and contains pea protein.

Barbecue Flavoured Protein Chips:

Contains 11.3 g of plant-based protein per pack.

Suitable for vegans and includes plant-based protein sources.

Directions for Use:

Use these Protein Chips within a balanced and varied diet as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. They are presented as a snacking option to satisfy taste buds while still aligning with nutrition goals, providing a healthier alternative to traditional fried potato chips.

I use Protein Chips as it offers a flavourful and crunchy snack option, but catering to different my dietary preferences and providing a source of protein. Whether it’s the tangy taste of sour cream and onion or the smoky undertones of barbecue, they offer me a tasty way to snack, while I’m maintaining my focus on health and nutrition.

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