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WHY MultiFibre?

Multifibre product is a convenient and tasty way to increase daily fibre intake. Here are its key benefits and directions for use:

Key Benefits:

Fibre Content: Provides 5 g of fibre per serving, which can contribute significantly to fulfilling daily fibre requirements for improved digestion and overall health.

Multiple Fibre Sources: Contains fibre from six sources including apple, oat, maize, citrus, chicory, and soya. This variety of fibre sources offer different types of fibre with various benefits for gut health.

Low in Kilojoules (kJ): Contains 75 kJ per serving, making it a low-calorie addition to one’s diet.

Artificial Sweetener-Free: Does not contain artificial sweeteners, appealing to those looking for natural or minimally processed products.

Soluble and Insoluble Fibre: Contains both soluble and insoluble fibre, which are important for different aspects of digestive health.

Delicate Apple Flavour: The apple-flavoured nature of the product enhance the taste, making it more enjoyable for consumption.

Directions for Use:

With Water: Mix 1 measuring spoon (6.8 g) of the Multifibre with 150 ml of water. This is a straightforward way to consume the product independently, providing a quick and easy way to increase daily fibre intake.

With Formula 1 Shake Mix: Alternatively, add a scoop of Multifibre to your favourite Formula 1 Shake Mix. This offers a convenient way to enhance the fibre content of the shake without compromising on taste.

Usage Recommendation:

Enjoy Multifibre as part of a balanced and varied diet within a healthy, active lifestyle. This product can be a beneficial addition to one’s routine, especially for those seeking to boost their fibre intake for improved digestive health.

Multifibre is a versatile product that I like to consumed with a cap of Aloe Concentrate with Mango alone, or sometimes combine with my shake, offering me a tasty and efficient means to increase my daily fibre intake.

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