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WHY Personalised Protein Powder?

Personalized Protein Powder (PPP) can be a convenient way to augment protein intake, to provide a source of high-quality protein from soy and whey. Here’s a concise overview:

Product Overview:

Formula 3: A protein supplement designed to increase your daily protein intake conveniently.

Purpose: Offers an easy and efficient way to boost protein intake.

Protein Content: Contains a blend of soy and whey proteins, known for their high-quality protein content.

Serving Size: Provides 5 grams of protein per serving.

Key Benefits:

High-Quality Protein Source: Contains a blend of soy and whey proteins, recognized for their quality and amino acid profile.

5 Grams of Protein: Each serving supplies 5 grams of protein, aiding in meeting daily protein needs.

Customizable Protein Intake: Designed to be added to a Formula 1 Shake or incorporated into other foods for personalized protein supplementation.

Instructions for Use:

Serving Size: One level tablespoon of Formula 3 powder (approximately 6 grams) provides 5 grams of protein.

Daily Intake: Recommended intake is one to four servings daily, allowing flexibility in personalizing protein intake.

Versatile Usage: Can be added to a Formula 1 Shake Mix to enhance its protein content. Additionally, it can be mixed into various foods like sauces, soups, or gravies for added protein.

Advisable to enjoy Formula 3 as part of a balanced and varied diet and an overall healthy and active lifestyle for optimal results. I personally love using it in my sauces and whole food meals to increase my daily protein intake.

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