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WHY CR7 Drive?

Herbalife24’s CR7 Drive is a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink designed for consumption during exercise. Here’s an overview of its key benefits, details, and usage directions:

Key Benefits:

Expert Development: Developed in collaboration with nutrition experts and Cristiano Ronaldo, a world-renowned professional footballer, to meet the needs of athletes during exercise.

Carbohydrate-Electrolyte Solution: Formulated as a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution, which has been shown to help sustain endurance performance and enhance water absorption during exercise.

Vitamin Content: Contains very high amounts of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) and Vitamin B12, essential for energy metabolism and overall bodily functions.

Kilojoule Management: Provides 411 kJ per serving, which can assist in managing energy intake during exercise.

Artificial Sweeteners Free: Formulated without artificial sweeteners, appealing to individuals seeking more natural or minimally processed products.

Electrolytes: Contains essential electrolytes: 249 mg sodium and 142 mg magnesium per serving, aiding in hydration and maintaining electrolyte balance during physical activity.

Directions for Use:

Preparation: Mix 27 g (2 scoops) of the powder with 500 ml of water and shake vigorously. This creates a convenient and ready-to-consume drink during exercise.

Usage Recommendation: Enjoy the CR7 Drive as part of a balanced and varied diet within a healthy, active lifestyle. This product is specifically designed to be consumed during exercise to provide essential carbohydrates and electrolytes to support hydration and performance.

CR7 Drive serves as a specialized drink intended for athletes or individuals engaging in prolonged physical activities. It offers a combination of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and vitamins, aiming to support endurance, hydration, and energy levels during exercise while being mindful of kilojoule intake.

I use CR7 Drive especially, more so in the heat of the summer months while travelling between my classes, to ensure top performance in each class and prevent my body from dehydrating.

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